Take care of your farmer and take care of your family

Shankar Venkataraman
7 min readJul 9, 2020
Depiction of farmer suffering from corporate incentive schemes

Dear Customer:

I have been doing organic farming for 13 years now. In 2005, I realized that my own family is in danger because I did not have much time to think much about how our food is grown and how it is processed before it reaches our plate. I had my wake up call when my daughter started to suffer from food allergies.

I am sure you came across Mapletree farm because you were concerned about your health and the health of your family. It seems like we have heard nothing but bad news about the safety of food.

There is plenty of safe, delicious food to eat. To make it easy to find nutrition-dense, safe and authentic organic food, we created Mapletree farm and we have 85 people working hard on our soils and warehouses to ensure there is a continuous supply of food that nourishes you from inside so that you can avoid healthcare and insurance costs in the future.

By choosing Mapletree farm to be your partner in health, you are choosing an investment that spans many decades. I have done more than 10 years of research on chemical and natural toxins in food and I conclude that you need to protect your family.

You don’t have to fall victim to chemical farming or industrial pollution. Eating well is one of your best defenses and eating a plant-based diet is the cornerstone of low-toxin high energy diet that will help you gain the edge over toxic chemical pollution.

In the last four and half years of supplying food to direct-to-home customers, I have directly heard from customers about how their food tastes so well and their family health has improved tremendously because they buy their entire food needs from us. As a result, we have customers who have been with us for more than four years now. This is the result of farming activity we do where we can build the soil which grows your food. Soil is our product and fruits and vegetables are byproducts.

We get you all this amazing food in less than 15 hours from harvest to your doorstep, many times a week so that you can always enjoy fresh food.

Compared to many other vendors of organic food, we invest several crores a year in farming work and making our soils richer and richer. This is because we know that growing food is the only way to directly impact your health.

In India, Five years ago, we decided to take up the matter of growing food in our own hands and built the soil on our farms to tremendous nutrition levels and high levels of biological activity. Thus we know what we are growing and how it's going to impact your family. We have invested time, energy, and a lot of money for doing the research needed to make soils healthy. We add 80 tons of our best farm-made compost to each acre of our soil every year till the soil organic matter reaches three percent minimum and soil is bursting with life. This guarantees the nutrition needs of your family. Taste our farm-grown food to find out. A simple organic label does not guarantee much for the money you spend. The farmer must do regenerative farming. He cannot plow the soil as much as he wants and must maintain very high organic matter in his soil.

India has a very disorganized food supply chain where corruption is very much possible. We work very hard to ensure those few farmers carefully selected by us (other than our own farm production work) are well screened for their commitment to soil and environmental health. While we wish to grow it all, we cannot grow all the food we provide you because our farms in Nilgiris, Erode and Devaganapalli areas have their own seasonal impact of what can be grown. We supply our farming solutions and inputs to these farmers to ensure they follow our guidelines.

If your busy schedule does not permit you to visit our farm, Please see some farm pictures below in the links shown.

Here is some unbiased media coverage about our work.

Other than growing food, we also train farmers, particularly underprivileged village youth and also the youth from cities. This is to encourage a back to the village movement from our very crowded cities and to also build teams of young farmers who in turn become stewards for protecting the soil. You may be aware that the average age of farmers in India is 58 years and we need a lot of youth in villages and cities in India to go back to farming. You may also be aware than most of the agricultural land has been destroyed by extractive farming practices with chemicals and fertilizers.

See some links below to know more about our work.

Thank you for your kind heart to encourage our work by buying from us. We hope our work will lay the foundation for a better future for farming in India and fewer medical expenses for your family and a more enjoyable healthy life for all. We have built tremendous know-how on how to build soil and continue to do our research on soil health which naturally leads to plant, animal, and human health.

Please dig deeper about how your food is grown as the products labeled organic may not have the nutrition they promise and Vendors who sell organic may have nothing much to do with growing organic food other than bringing the food to your doorstep. Find out the truth about where your food is grown.

If you are getting something labeled organic and paying a high price for it, please question your supplier on where it's grown and how rich is the soil?
Ask how much of this money I pay goes to the farmer and how much of the money farmer got was spent on rejuvenating the soil. Customers have a great power to vote every day with their money on how that money helps with cyclic economy of money going toward soil health and coming back to you as family health. Your money must go back to the soil and become soil fertility and come back to you as a nutrition-rich product. No compromise must be made on that.

Ultra tiny percentage of Money paid by the customer goes back to the soil and soil becomes poor and we are all so powerless against COVID-19 etc. because once we destroy our soil, we destroy our immunity for sure. The vaccine is not the solution but a band-aid. Soil health is the only solution.

Mapletree stands for soil health. We spend about 3 to 4 lakhs per acre per year on just improving our soil and keeping it super healthy and rich. We wish that other farmers can do that. But the food system is not allowing the farmers to do good things to their soil and not educating the farmers as well. Help us change the food system by buying from Mapletree farm.

Please logon to https://mapletree.farm for ordering fruits and vegetables and selected groceries.

Buying food from farmers and forwarding it to you for a fee cannot have an impact on your health that growing the food has because it’s very hard to influence what the farmer does to his soil when you just pay the price to get his vegetables and fruits. Working with farmers is much deeper than posting videos and photos of them on Instagram and Facebook. Farming is very difficult and hard work and unless you pay attention to what the farmer does and what is the organic matter in the soil managed by the farmer, the nutrition content in the food is not guaranteed for the customer.

You cannot have a healthy civilization without healthy soil. You can’t have junk food and healthy people.

Sridhar — Head of Farming operations, Barani — Head of Operations and Marketing and Shankar — Lead farmer and CEO at Mapletree farms and the Mapletree farm team, Devaganapalli village, India.



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