Bhoomifarmers Newsletter March 2022

Shankar Venkataraman
8 min readMar 11, 2022

It has been 14 months since I wrote a blog (or newsletter) for our dear readers and customers. We have been working hard at setting up Bhoomifarmers which began operations in Feb 2021. Our small startup company is the beginning of the implementation of our dream to grow and deliver honest food. The Bhoomifarmer's vision was built in 2018 when we noticed the lack of authentic organic products in the Bangalore market and the lack of source traceability of those products. Our Vision is to grow a reliable, repeatable scalable volume of the highest quality vegetables on our own farms with well-built soils full of biodiversity and mineral balance. We take pride in building our farm soils which are the foundation for our vegetables and fruits.

Quality, Nutrition content, Reliability, Freshness, Authenticity, Honesty, and integrity are the key ingredients in the vegetables grown at Bhoomifarmers.

A farmer must grow in many microclimates to supply a significant variety of vegetables that customers love. They always love variety and ask for it.

Our first two farms and headquarters (Farm2) are near Thally, Tamil Nadu, also known as Little England. Here we have a moderate climate that grows many vegetables throughout the year and has distinct growing seasons.

Our Farm3 is near Vandavasi in Tamil Nadu. This place is a hot region and we grow rice, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, and fruits.

Our farm4 is in Kookal, Nilgiris where we grow cool-season vegetables throughout the year. Our farm5 coming soon is near Thangadu, Nilgiris.

All these farms are 5 hrs apart from each other like a triangle when seen on the map. We bring these products to Bengaluru to our warehouse and distribute them fresh to customer homes within 5–15 hrs of harvest depending on which farm it came from. Farm nearest to Bengaluru is our Thally farm headquarters.

I travel to these farms and stay there for 4 days in every 14-day cycle that repeats and manage the farms with the help of a team of 85 plus Bhoomi employees.

The alphabetical list of vegetables and fruits we are growing on our farms is below. We want to bring about a Friends of Bhoomi farm share program which can help our customers know where their food is grown. The farm share program is similar to owning a portion of a farm from where most of the food you eat is grown. We want to bring authenticity, honesty, and source traceability to the food you eat. This subscription program is our solution for those who deeply care about the soils where the food is grown and for those who have deeper questions about their family health and wellbeing. Good healthy soil and Good human health go together. It is on this single principle that we do not want to compromise by buying food grown in unknown soils and reselling those to you.

Bhoomi Grown Vegetables in three geographic locations with very different climates

For a fixed fee for 4 weeks, a subscriber of our vegetables can fully customize what he/she needs every week. They can visit our farms on any Saturday for a full farm tour and lunch to see where their food is grown and how it's grown. We also want to eliminate the concept of price per kg for our vegetables and hence we have removed the prices from the listing you see when you build your customized veggie box every week. This means you can take what you need from our farm inventory without calculating your total bill. Yes… It is unlimited vegetables for you from our menu for a fixed price. We completely trust our esteemed customers and expect them to take only what they need from our menu and will not take what they cannot use that week.

For some reason, if you are unable to update the contents of your veggie box on time before the delivery day each week, we will send you a default veggie box without the veggies you selected as *DON’T LIKE* when you originally subscribed for the program.

If you are traveling and nobody is at home, you can pause your subscription till you come back. There is a pause option you can click and select the weeks you want to pause up to 4 weeks maximum.

Our Subscription program soft launch begins in July 2022. If you have already informed your interest in participating in it, you will receive regular updates from me. We are waiting for all our new farms to go into full production to ensure you have a lot of Bhoomi grown vegetables are on the menu. This is a good diverse list to choose from that we are planning for you. Thank you for being part of the Friends of Bhoomi farm share program.

Please use this link below to subscribe to the Friends of Bhoomi farm share program. We are offering this initially to only a few selected communities.


-Shankar Venkataraman, Founder and CEO of Bhoomifarmers.

Some Pictures from our farms are below (taken in Jan, Feb, March 2022).



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